As your learning partner, The SEEP Network brings value to your organization’s current programs and future proposals.

We provide a wealth of experience in convening thought leaders and disseminating learning to a wide and diverse audience across media and geographies. Our vast global reach can be leveraged to create cross-organizational dialogue through practitioner-led research, collaborative learning processes, the development of high-quality learning products and tools, and improved standards of practice. 

Why Partner with SEEP?

By partnering with The SEEP Network, you access over 30 years of experience and our global network of nearly 100 organizations working in 150 countries. 

We Facilitate Collaborative Learning

We draw upon the collective experience and wisdom of a large and diverse group of experienced organizations using learning platforms such as online learning communities, conferences and seminars, practitioner-led working groups, in-country consultations, peer learning groups, and peer exchanges. Our processes are highly consultative and driven by the priorities of our partners and the needs of practitioners. 

We Develop Learning Products & Knowledge-Sharing Platforms

Our learning initiatives have resulted in the development of over 300 technical tools and resources. To ensure relevance, these products are derived through highly effective collaborative processes involving the target audience and our partners throughout the development cycle. 


We Define Improved Standards

We work collectively with members and industry stakeholders to define and promote improved standards, build consensus around key definitions and measurements, and basic principles of good practice.

We Conduct Assessment of Practice

We offer both the international scope and the tested processes to efficiently assess state of practice. We've demonstrated methods for eliciting and capturing perspectives related to implementation challenges, knowledge gaps, and other state of practice issues, enabling our partners to determine priority areas for research and collaborative learning.


Our Partnerships

Mastercard Foundation Savings Learning Lab

Current |

The Mastercard Foundation Savings Learning Lab is a six-year initiative implemented by Itad, in partnership with the SEEP Network. The aim of the Savings Learning Lab is to support learning am…

The Minimum Economic Recovery Standards (MERS)

Current |

The Minimum Economic Recovery Standards (MERS) are the internationally recognized consensus on best practices for building economic resilience for crisis-affected communities. SEEP developed a…

Women's Economic Empowerment Working Group

Current |

Established in 2014, the Women's Economic Empowerment Working Group (WEEWG) brings together a large and diverse group of individuals committed to improving practice and scaling successful appr…

Savings-Led Working Group

Current |

Established in 2007, SEEP's Savings-Led Working Group (SLWG) has been at the frontier of the Savings Groups movement for a over a decade, building awareness of Savings Groups, establishing com…

Responsibile Finance Learning Through Local Leadership and Learning

2016 - 2020 |

Responsible Finance Through Local Leadership & Learning aims to scale the application of consumer protection principles for low-income financial service customers in Rwanda. The program wi…


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