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In response to the devastating impact and mounting challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, The SEEP Network is changing its membership model. In moments of crisis and especially now, connective opportunities are vital for individuals and organizations. We are convinced that for our network to be effective, we need to boldly embrace collaborative learning and diversity of perspectives. We are inviting a broad swathe of organizations and individuals - like you - to be part of our global learning community. We hope you will join us!  

Membership Categories

SEEP has three categories of membership: Organizational, Associate, and Basic. We invite you to explore the options below.

With organizational membership, all employees in your organization may access the exclusive member benefits SEEP offers. Organizations typically fall under one of the following categories, and SEEP welcomes organizations of all types...

  • academic institution 
  • association or network
  • community service or advocacy organization
  • global development organization
  • humanitarian response and recovery agency
  • multilateral agency 
  • philanthropic organization  
  • public sector at the national, regional or local level 
  • social enterprise, tech firm, or for-profit company with a triple bottom line 

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Associate members engage with SEEP on an individual basis and receive a tailored selection of benefits. Categories for the Associate membership include:

  • active professional
  • independent consultant
  • retired professional 
  • university student 
  • young professional (under 36 years old)

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Basic members are individuals who engage with SEEP on a limited basis at no cost. 

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Core Values

We are a community in which human dignity and equality is not negotiable. We debate ideas, fiercely protect ideals, experiment, lean on and learn from each other. Most importantly, we commit to making sure that we always seek out and amplify the voices of those who could not join us at the table.  

Living these core values is the essential measure of who we are and the work we doNetwork members, volunteers, collaborators, partners, board directors, and staff--every part of our community holds itself and each other accountable for embodying these values.  

We kindly expect that all SEEP sign on to our Core Values when joining our community. 

Annual Membership Dues

Organizational members will pay membership dues upon approval of their application. Associate Members will be prompted to pay for their membership upon receipt of their application. Membership becomes official upon payment of membership dues. Members joining the network during the calendar year shall pay a pro-rated amount. Membership dues for renewing members are collected annually, beginning in January.

Our organizational dues structure is intentionally designed to afford fairness across organizations of diverse size and revenue levels. As presented in the tier levels below, members with less revenue pay less in dues while larger, higher earning organizations pay more to support the network.


Eligibility Criteria

Organizational Membership is for entities with four or more employees hoping to get the most out of their SEEP membership and which are/have: 

  • Legally registered and in operation for at least one year OR Referred by at least two SEEP member organizations |OR Certified as a non-profit or social enterprise equivalent by Tech Soup or B-Corp 
  • Financially viable and have the ability to furnish (by order of preference): audited financial statementsannual financial statements, balance sheets, P&L statements, budgets 
  • Online presence in the form of an institutional website, social media account, or other digital communications platform 

Application Review 

Organizational applications will be reviewed by the Member Affairs team at SEEP. You can expect to receive a notification within two weeks after submitting the form with all required documents.

Associate applications are approved for membership upon receipt of the fully completed application and payment.

Basic applications are approved for membership upon receipt of the fully completed application.

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