Peer Learning is at the core of SEEP

Peer Learning Groups in Action

A Peer Learning Group (PLG) is an action-oriented approach to learning, knowledge production and sharing that brings together like-minded practitioners and enables them to face common challenges and opportunities. Through a condensed and facilitated learning process, PLG members interact virtually as well as in-person over a period of 6-9 months to tackle their collective learning questions.

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Explores the potential of Savings Groups in exanding access to financial services for refugees
Completed | 2020

Examines the role of Savings Groups in supporting graduation from social protection programs
Completed | 2020

Focused on how social norms affect women and the economy, including both gender and economic norms
Completed | 2017

Addressed challenges and opportunities of financial service providers in working with Savings Groups
Completed | 2017

Serves as a how to manual to support practitioners to learn, collaborate and address shared challenges
Completed | 2016

Peer Learning Exchanges

Through the Responsible Finance Through Local Leadership & Learning program, SEEP has facilitated associate-to-association study tours to showcase best practices, highlight cautionary tales and promote proven consumer protection principles. Explore three outputs from these peer learning exchanges below.


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