Our Core Values

We are a community in which human dignity and equality is not negotiable. We debate ideas, fiercely protect ideals, experiment, lean on and learn from each other. Most importantly, we commit to making sure that we always seek out and amplify the voices of those who could not join us at the table.  

Living these core values is the essential measure of who we are and the work we doNetwork members, volunteers, collaborators, partners, board directors, and staff--every part of our community holds itself and each other accountable for embodying these values.  

Welcome to the community.  

people first 

we believe every voice counts. we strive to ensure that every person has a seat at the table 

collaboration is in our DNA

we invite the chaos that comes with collaboration, because only diverse perspectives and experiences can bring about transformation

pushing boundaries is a must 

conventional wisdom is not our thing. we question before doing; we listen before speaking; we experiment before replicating; we choose leadership over leaders  

change is our oxygen 

we pursue change, before it pursues us. we support communities as they work to affect change for a more just and equal day, yet to come

we are a work in progress 

stumbles and failures are only natural.  the communities we serve show us that to be resilient is to pause, listen, and learn from our mistakes