Our COVID-19 Response

Members, we are in this together

It is no small task to balance your personal concerns, your professional duties, and to keep going for the sake of those we all serve, as part of our missions. We hope that your loved ones and colleagues are safe and healthy because that’s the most important.

As we, together, learn to navigate the landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is reassuring that we can reach out to each other for help, ideas, and support. In some ways, that’s what SEEP has always been about, and now should be no different.

Putting people first

  • As we simultaneously respond to evolving needs and stand by our commitment to support strategies serving vulnerable communities and people hit hardest by this and other crises, the SEEP team is here for you. We will continue to gather new guidance and resources from the field to keep you up to date with best practices. Please feel free to contact us for support.
  • The SEEP Member Page and Member Directory are one-stop-shops to connect with fellow members, especially if you’re looking to find others in-country and field offices to create support networks for your colleagues. We understand that building human networks is still and most important. Make use of these resources and if you need a login to the Member Directory, please reach out.

SEEP members are nimble and persistent

SEEP members are on the frontlines of the pandemic, creating and implementing innovative solutions in the field. Find out how below how they are pivoting to continue serving vulnerable populations and sustaining resilient markets.

If your organization is a SEEP Member and you have a COVID-19 resource you'd like SEEP to highlight, please click here.

New guidance

We've compiled COVID-19 resources from across SEEP's five thematic areas: Agriculture and Food Security, Resilient Markets, Responsible Finance, Savings Groups, and Women's Economic Empowerment. 

Agriculture & Food Security

Resilient Markets

Responsible Finance

Savings Groups

Women's Economic Empowerment

Last Updated: December 15, 2020


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