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Your feedback is important to us! Please provide your assessment of the quality of SEEP services and your organization's experience as a member of the SEEP Network. We will consult your responses, both quantitative and qualitative, for the purposes of improving member relations and planning more member-driven programming.

Please complete this form by December 31, 2017 so we may incorporate your feedback in our annual planning exercise early next year.

We love to hear from our members. Please feel free to contact us anytime at

The SEEP Membership Affairs and Global Communications Team

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SEEP Membership benefits are available to all employees of your organization worldwide regardless of the entity that settles the dues.

The contact details you provide below will be shared with fellow members only, whereas your organizational information will be visible to all visitors to the SEEP website -- more than 85,000 annually.

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Official Representative

The Official Representative is SEEP’s main liaison within the member organization. He/she represents the organization, facilitates engagement, oversees membership renewal, votes at the Annual General Meeting, and is the primary point of contact.

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Secondary Contact

The Secondary Contact partners with the Official Representative to support organizational participation in SEEP activities, engagement among staff members, payment of dues, and is the secondary point of contact.

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Communications Contact

The Communication Contact is the go-to person for organizational brand assets, news content for SEEP’s communications channels, and serves as an outreach partner for promotion of SEEP events and initiatives.

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