Women at Work: Regulatory Barriers and Opportunities

Oct 10, 2018 | by


McKinsey & Company estimates that if women could work for income in exactly the way men do, the global gross domestic product would increase by 26 percent between 2015 and 2025. To unlock that productivity, USAID's Trade & Regulatory Reform office commissioned research on legal and regulatory barriers that adversely affect women’s access to wage employment, as well as examples of solutions in USAID host countries. This research examines how laws and regulations in developing and transitional countries limit or enable women to enter, remain, and advance in the formal sector workforce. Nathan Associates published the findings in a report, Women's Wage Employment in Developing Countries: Regulatory Barriers and Opportunities.

Join us in-person in Washington, DC or online on October 10th to hear from report author Lis Meyers of Nathan Associates on how policies and regulations limit or enable women to enter, remain, and advance in the workforce, including restricting employment of women, requiring occupational licenses, addressing employment discrimination, prohibiting and addressing sexual harassment, and enabling parents to work.

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