Promoting gender inclusive practices in the Congolese financial sector

Jul 22, 2021 | by ELAN DRC

ELAN DRC helped raised awareness of businesses and financial institutions of the commercial benefits of integrating considerations for women as employees, customers, suppliers and cooperatives members across its different sectors of interventions. The results have been an increased commitment towards GESI with several partners engaging efforts to reinforce gender inclusive practices within their organizations.

The Access to finance sector’ partners expressed a particular high level of interest for GESI capacity building activities for their staff and have undertaken actions afterwards to improve their existing practices. The present report summarizes the different activities that were conducted since 2020 by ELAN GESI Team, the outcomes and the lessons learnt from those experiences with the different financial institutions. It also provides recommendations for the wider financial sector, public, private and development actors, to foster the adoption of gender inclusive practices among the local institutions operating in DRC and the lending to women-owned/led businesses in the context of COVID-19.

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