Navigating the Evidence on Savings-Focused Financial Inclusion

Oct 30, 2018 | by

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Join us for the official launch of the Savings Evidence Map with an interactive demonstration on how to access and navigate the Map and make sense of the most recent evidence on savings initiatives.

As part of the Mastercard Foundation Savings Learning Lab, Itad and The SEEP Network developed a searchable, interactive evidence map that provides consolidated access to relevant evidence related to savings-focused financial inclusion.

The Savings Evidence Map systematically scoped out available evidence within the savings sector through the application of search protocols and rigorous selection and quality assurance criteria. Evidence was then analysed, tagged and mapped onto a matrix structure to provide a visual representation to help users quickly locate information and identify gaps in available evidence.

The Map is especially useful for:


Donors, investors, policy makers


✔ Looking for evidence of what works to inform savings programming in specific areas

✔ Advocating and fundraising for new approaches in areas where there is little evidence or fewer interventions

✔ Looking to develop guidelines for practice in areas where there is substantial evidence of what works

✔ Interested in making evidence-based, strategic investments and policies in areas where there is sufficient, high-confidence evidence of what works

✔ Donors looking to identify and support the development of a body of practice in little explored areas by funding programs and research where there is little evidence

✔ Interested in identifying gaps in evidence and filling these

✔ Interested in conducting systematic reviews of evidence in areas that are not sufficiently or recently synthesized


Helen Bailey, Consultant, Private Sector Development, Markets and Trade, Itad

Helen has over seven years of experience in international development, with a focus on monitoring and evaluation of economic development programs. At Itad, she manages key activities for the Mastercard Foundation Savings Learning Lab, including the development of the online Savings Evidence Map in partnership with SEEP.

Prior to joining Itad, Helen worked as a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer at the Institute of Development Studies where she designed and managed monitoring and evaluation systems for a portfolio of research and knowledge programs. Previous to this, Helen worked at Saana Consulting, carrying out independent evaluations of trade and development programs for a range of bilateral and multilateral donors.

Helen holds a Masters of Science in Development Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies.

Diana Dezso, Team Leader, Mastercard Foundation Savings Learning Lab

Diana is team leader of the Mastercard Foundation Savings Learning Lab. In this role, she provides organizational and technical leadership on activities aimed to support learning among the learning partners and others in the sector through the generation, synthesis, curation and dissemination of knowledge.

Diana specializes in learning and organizational development, capacity assessment, program implementation and evaluation, and new business development. She works with global alliances and learning networks on knowledge management, engagement and expansion strategies. She has undertaken global research on strategic risks and opportunities facing MFIs in the developing world. She has worked in senior leadership positions of international organizations in both Washington and the field, including The SEEP Network and ACCION USA.

Diana has an MPA from New York University and is fluent in Romanian, proficient in Spanish, and speaks basic French.


This webinar is hosted by the SEEP Network in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and Itad.


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