Gender Snapshot: What is the Savings Evidence Map and what does it tell us about policies and practices to support women to save?

Jul 12, 2021 | by Itad

The Savings Evidence Map is an interactive tool that provides consolidated access to 354 studies related to savings-focused financial inclusion. The map organizes the evidence into a matrix structure – by type of results grouped into client, institutions and ecosystem level results and by the type of savings intervention documented in the evidence – interventions focused on product type, product design, product distribution channels and target markets.

The Evidence Map is updated annually with newly available evidence and is accompanied by a Synthesis Report that provides users with a brief analysis of where the evidence is clustered and where we still have gaps, as well as a summary of our approach to developing the map and our inclusion criteria.

But users can do so much more with the map. For example, learning more about how provider policies and practices effect the outcomes of their savings initiatives focused on women.

We walk you through the steps needed to identify the relevant evidence and we then highlight some of our key takeaways from the research.

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