Doing Business inFragile States: ThePrivateSector, Natural Resources and Conflict in Africa

May 2, 2013 | by University of Warwick & North-South Institute

The primary aim and objective of this paper is to access the fundamental gaps in the existing literature pertaining to the role of foreign investors/private sector in natural resource governance and management in fragile/conflict states (state-building and economic construction), post-conflict states (economic reconstruction and peace-building) and stable states (sustainable economic development) in sub-Saharan Africa. It will do so by specifically examining three major questions, namely: (1) How does the evolving role of the foreign investors/private sector in natural resource governance affect peace and stability in the African context? (2) What determines whether foreign investors/private sector plays a positive or negative role? (3) What sort of concrete policy recommendations are available for host governments, foreign investors/private sector actors, affected communities and international organizations to promote positive developmental outcomes?

Tags: crisis, fragile and conflict-affected environments/settings, private sector, outcomes

Categories: Resources: Markets in Crisis