Browse the SEEP Member Marketplace for the latest and greatest from over
100 SEEP Network organizations!

The SEEP Member Marketplace is a searchable dashboard of Kiosks featuring member content -- announcements, events, job openings, solicitations and more.

Kiosks are open for viewing to all who visit the SEEP website – member and non-member alike. Enter the type of kiosk you want to see - 8 categories to choose from - or a keyword. 

Members are Invited to Open a Kiosk

Participation in the SEEP Member Marketplace is a new, member-exclusive benefit reserved for members in good standing. Members may submit content for a kiosk by filling in the SEEP Member Content Submission Form and checking off the box for the SEEP Member Marketplace. There is no limit to the number of kiosks that can be opened.


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